Monday, November 1, 2010

The importance of Learning Islam in the company of a Pious Shaikh

Everyone in Muslim society these days claim they know everything about Islam.  Every other person seems to have an opinion of his own on every small issue relating to Islamic faith and practice. The Muslim society is overwhelmed with so many conflicting view points and everyone claims he/she is on the right path! And to make matters worse people try to interpret Quran and Ahadith and other Islamic sources to support their view points.  

What has happened? Why are there so many deviations ? Our brain feels so tired after just surfing through the topics on Internet… forget about reading them…..that we eventually give up.

We have done this for years…when we are in a mood of learning about Islam or answering a query that our kid or a work colleague from a different religion has, we look it up on Internet…ashamed that we are not in a position to explain to him convincingly, because when he goes to another Muslims, he is flooded with conflicting opinion about the same issue.  First of all we do not get direct relevant answers…even if we do,  these do not make much of a sense…then when eventually we find an answer it is generally from the person who has a deviated notion about Islam….and Alas! that’s it…..we go out of Islam following the deviated scholar who leads us straight to hell…

It is so difficult to understand and more over differentiate between two scholars of different points of opinion as to who might be on the right path of Islam that we tend to retreat in our shells.  Because we are in no state to convince others what we believe is true, we start to hide and shy away from discussions and allegations. There is another serious problem, we want to understand issues as per our own understanding abilities and show arrogance into believing what our parents say.

Every Muslim in the world is aware that Truth and Untruth is abundantly clear in this world and who so ever Allah Ta’ala Wills will be on the Right path of Islam and achieve Salvation and Whomsoever He Wills will go astray. Shouldn’t the alarm bells be ringing in our minds and heart ??? When Allah Ta’ala has clearly stated.

It is in Quran - "The people who strive in Our way, We (Allah Ta’la) show and put them on the right path' (Al-An-Kaboot - 69).

The requirement is that we need to STRIVE….beg for His Forgiveness and Mercy and make our way To Him…

Are we doing that? Are we actually trying to make a an effort at all? Even after so much chaos and massacre of Muslims world wide…even after so much disgrace and humiliation? Are we doing anything ? Anything?????

Why is it then that even though we are not striving we are not afraid? Why is it that we don’t feel anything? Why is it that we have become so cold hearted? How come the days and nights and weeks and months just pass by, with out us actually sitting down with our families and kids and talk about Islam and its history? Why are we so confident about ourselves getting salvation on the Day of Judgment, that we never bother about our deeds even though we know we have done zilch?

We are actually in a deep slumber. Some kind of hallucination or trance. As soon as we die we will wake up to the stark reality of what a waste of life it had been… Wake up brothers and sisters before it is too late. Too late for you and your loved ones. Allah(SWT) is here right now with you and me.

It is in Quran - Whichever side you turn, you will find Allah (SWT); Verily (in truth ) Allah – (Ta’ala) is Omnipresent (existing everywhere every moment) and Omniscient ( infinitely wise ). (Al-Baqra – 115 ).

It is in Quran - He is the First, and the Last, He is the Manifest (apparent) and the Immanent (actually present through out the material world) and is the knower of all things’. (Al-Hadeed – 3).

It is in Quran - 'Wherever you are, He is with you' (Al-Hadid - 4).

It is in Quran - 'He is in your own self, will you not see' (Az-Zariyat - 21).

It is in Quran - We (Allah Ta’al) are closer to you than your jugular vein’. (Qaf – 16).

 It is in Quran - 'When My servants ask you (O'Prophet – Sallallahu Alaihi wa Aaali wa Sallam) concerning Me, (tell them) I am ever present (with them) and I listen to the call of him that calls Me'. (Al-Baqara - 186).

Is it not wonderful to know He is always watching ….always WITH us….every minute, every second…be it day or night, hot weather or cold, sad or happy , fun or games, winning or losing, work or home, kids or friends….We are never alone! Subhanallah! Subhanallah! What an amazing feeling of warmth and security. Do we need something else after this?

From our personal experiences we have gathered that we are our own hindrance… If we break free from the self created bonds of our own minds we will understand what an amazing experience it is to be a Muslim. And what a Blessing!

We have taken Islam granted for so long that now it has actually become a chore! Something that should never have been forgotten are lost in so many families! I have sadly witnessed them!!

The time is alarming !!! Don’t let your family be one of them….

If we want something we try hard and if we want to excel in something we try harder still…the same theory applies…

How can we strive our way to Him?

Let us understand it with an example. If a teenager wants to become a General Practitioner (Doctor) in UK …what does he have to do? He needs to do his GCSE’s , get a required score in sciences , Math and English and an overall score, do his A levels in the required area so that he develops sound basic knowledge of the sciences that will help him in the future as a Practitioner, apply for an Undergraduate degree in various universities , work his way through the 4 years of study and two years of Internship and then if he is good enough for the job he is appointed as a Junior Practitioner with a supervisor watching over him for a few good years until the supervisor thinks he is ready …then finally he becomes the General Practitioner.

It has taken him ten years for his GCSE’s plus two years of A levels plus 4 years of Graduation plus two years of Internship plus a good 3 years minimum to become a GP. If we calculate that it has taken him over 20 years of hard work , dedication and perseverance to be able to achieve his goal.

The rule is the same everywhere. Allah Ta’ala is so Magnificent in His Glory and Creation that He has made it so simple for us. Everything is right here in front of us….We are just too blind and self centered to see it…

He has already laid the path for us and created situations in this world that are clear examples as to how everything works.

If we want to be on the straight path of Islam, be in the company of Pious Believers of Allah Ta’ala who have been Blessed with Virtue and Good Tidings from Allah Ta’ala then we need to beg for it. We need to ask for His Forgiveness in the name (Waseela) of our Beloved Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam) day and Night.  Asking in the name of (Waseela) our Beloved Prophet (SWAS) is a basic requirement.   We need to do our Salah five times a day, keep our fasts and give Zakat. These are just the basic GCSE and A levels stuff. Once we have mastered this we can proceed with our graduation studies….